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Kim is a private detective and Board Certified (PA, NY) Criminal Defense Investigator with many years of investigative experience. An expert in surveillance, criminal, and civil investigations, she's available for engagement in and around the greater Philadelphia and New York metro regions.

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A Female Investigator, Hiding in Plain Sight

Women are often perceived as less of a threat than men. In an investigation, this can mean the difference between getting the information you need versus having a door slammed in your face.

A female investigator can also adapt to specific and delicate situations more easily. Many investigations require process serving, witness interviews, surveillance, or undercover work.

As a woman, I can put witnesses at ease during interviews or fit in during undercover investigations or surveillance.


Criminal Defense Investigations

Taking statements from and interviewing witnesses, identifying additional potential witnesses, producing sworn affidavits.

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Covert Surveillance

Mobile surveillance providing still photos and video for investigations.

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Pretrial Civil & Criminal Investigations

On behalf of plaintiffs and defendants.

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Court-ordered and personal protection.

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Mitigation Specialist

Investigate potential mitigating factors for sentencing.

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