Criminal Defense Investigations

Assisting client and defense counsel in detailed investigation; reviewing and analyzing discovery, interviewing witnesses and identifying additional witnesses, taking statements and obtaining signed affidavits, surveillance/photographs, obtaining copies of video surveillance and documentation to aid in investigation, gathering evidence on prosecution’s witnesses, mitigation interviews.

Covert Surveillance

Mobile surveillance providing still photos, video, and detailed reports for investigations of:

  • Infidelity — If you suspect your significant other is being unfaithful, one of the best ways to determine accuracy of suspicions is to “put eyes on them.”
  • Cohabitation — Determining whether a former spouse you’re paying alimony to is cohabitating with a significant other, which may eliminate your obligation to pay alimony.
  • Child Custody — Gathering concrete evidence which may be presented in court to help you win custody of your child/children.
  • Insurance Fraud — Following claimant’s activities to help determine if a fraudulent injury claim may have been filed.
  • Employee Time Theft —Determining whether employees, during working hours, are performing the duties they have been paid for.
  • Residency Checks — Determining whether an individual lives where he/she is claiming.
  • Missing Persons — Assisting in locating a loved one who has disappeared due to addiction problems, runaways, etc.

Pretrial Civil & Criminal Investigations

Assisting plaintiffs as well as defense attorneys in civil cases; record collecting, analyzing/photographing scene of incident, preserving evidence, surveillance, child interviews.

Working with insurance companies to gather evidence in order to help prove that a fraudulent claim may have been filed; working with attorneys to prove their client’s legitimate damages.


  • Providing security for supervised parent/child court ordered visitations.
  • Personal protection.

Mitigation Specialist

  • Conduct interviews of clients and witnesses in capital and non-capital cases at both the Federal and State level.
  • Gather background information on clients through record collection and evaluation.
  • Assist counsel prior to and during course of trial to prepare for sentencing with the objective of
    identifying mitigating factors that may outweigh aggravating factors.

Additional Services

  • Process Serving
  • Digital Forensic Investigations and Data Recovery
  • Locate Missing Persons (witnesses, family, friends, etc)
  • Background Checks
  • Pre-employment Verification